Meet The Team


Glenn Shaw


Glenn grew up in a construction family. Between his dad and uncle, he spent a good number of his early years on construction sites being mentored by his family in Greenville, South Carolina. At 18 he moved to Tulsa to get his MBA at Oral Roberts University. He married and started raising a family and Tulsa quickly became home. Glenn has built over 2000 homes in over 50 communities all around the Tulsa area since he started Shaw Homes. He is still very involved in every aspect of Shaw Homes even today, as homebuilding is his lifelong passion.

Aaron Antis

Director of Sales

Aaron has ten years experience in the business of new home sales. He has worked in almost every aspect of new home construction from framing to finish. He studied Architecture at Eastern Michigan University and has worked in commercial architecture as a rendering artist. He has a passion for the new home industry and loves people.

Butch Rider

Purchasing Coordinator

Butch has 25 years experience in the business, ranging from construction worker to Construction Manager, to City Inspector. Butch has worked his way from the bottom up, making him an extremely valuable source of wisdom for Shaw Homes.